"Daisy (Alexandria) is such a wonderful kitten! Growing nicely, very interactive, playful, cuddly, and with a very friendly warm personality. She is a perfect fit to our family. Of course everyone who meets her is so far very in love :-) Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of bringing her in to this world to create such joy."- Orr from San Francisco, CA

"Benedict is doing great. he's really comfortable in our home now and eating quite a bit now. He's got a very lovely personality as well."- Mike from Bay Area, CA

"Balthazar is doing well, eating well, already adjusted to his new home :) ...We are definitely more than happy with our boy, he's the best cat we ever had, he's sweet, affectionate and absolutely gorgeous!!! Very gentle, his personality is amazing, we love him to pieces! Thank you for this wonderful boy!"- Valentina from Brooklyn, NY


"Hi Tanya, Silver Apple is doing good now , and she has became familiar with her new home that she is eating and playing with me now. Sliver Apple totally enjoyed her new life she is very cute and friendly to everyone and she has increased her weight lol . I will take good care of her. Thank you. Best, Richard."- Richard from Bay Area, CA

"Rosalia arrived on time and is already taking a quiet nap. She's SO beautiful! Thanks again for sending us such a beautiful sweet bundle of joy. She (Rosalia) has brought life back into hearts."-Jill and Carl from Maine

"Just wanted to say we made it back to NYC safe and sound. My baby girl is adjusting to the sounds of the city well. She was a little scared for a few hoursbut now she's walking around like she's the queen of the apartment. She is such a snuggler! ... I want to say thank you again for raising a beautiful kitty. She's so incredibly sweet and social. Any time someone walks into the apartment she runs to greet them. All my best,"- Maegan from Astoria, NY